SMS Components


An SMS is composed of various elements. Some of them are as follows:

  • 1. Length of SMSC
  • 2. Service Centre Timestamp: the time taken by the message to reach the SMSC
  • 3. Originator Address: displayed on the receiving device as the Sender ID.
  • 4. Protocol Identifier: consists of one octet of bits.
  • 5. Data Coding Scheme: it carries the basic information as to how should the handset process the recipient message.
  • 6. User Data Length: The length of the text message.
  • 7. User Data: The message itself.

Validity Period of an SMS Message

An SMS message is stored temporarily in the SMS center if the recipient mobile phone is offline. It is possible to specify the period after which the SMS message will be deleted from the SMS center so that the SMS message will not be forwarded to the recipient mobile phone when it becomes online. This period is called the validity period.