How can a Mobile Malware Attack harm you?


Consequences of a mobile attack can be devastating. As discussed in the previous paragraphs, we have learnt that a scammer can do us great harm if he gains access to our mobile data. Just imagine how risky it could be if someone has access to your payment apps, phone banking passwords and your saved debit and credit card details. Besides that he will have a lot of information about you by accessing your social media profiles and your saved contacts. He can not only harm you financially but also can spoil your social image. He can contact your relatives and ask them for money on your behalf, he can post unsocial stuff on your social media profiles. He can destroy relations and can also blackmail you. He will be holding your financial and social life in his custody. In today’s world where everything is onlne, a part of our life is also lived online. Giving someone else control of our online world will be like allowing him to control a part of our life. This can be a dangerous scenario indeed.