Gateways to Mobile Scams


There are various ways through which your mobile can get infected by various kinds of malwares. If you are not careful or aware, you will not even know, when your mobile has been infiltrated with malicious software. Let us discuss about the most common gateways, through which your mobile may get infected or hacked.

  • 1. App Stores: App stores are the treasure house of malicious apps that play host to various types of virus and malwares that can affect your phone in various troublesome ways. We regularly use a variety of mobile apps, eg. E-Wallets, E-Lockers, Mobile Banking, Booking Tickets, Mobile Recharge etc. All these mobile apps are either used for transacting money or are used to store money for future related transactions. The most risk involves E-Wallets and Mobile banking apps as they not only have our money stored in them, but they also have our card details and bank account details stored in them. If someone gains access to these apps, he will know not only our bank account details but also the details of others who are added as beneficiaries in our app. This can have frightening implications on our financial lives. Similarly, we store our important documents e.g. Social Security Number, Tax Identification number etc as prevalent from your country of residence. Imagine the havoc one can play with your life, if he gains access to these sensitive documents and misuses them in a bad way.
  • 2. Remotely accessing App Store: Some people also remotely access their Play Store through their computers. If a malware enters your computer, it can steal the cookies stored on your desktop. The scammer can then impersonate and misuse Google Play the way he wants. He can download malicious apps in your phone without you even getting to know about it. He can then steal your files and other personal information stored in your phone memory and can then misuse the information, the way he wishes to.
  • 3. Jail Breaking: Both Android and IOS have their own safety system in place, where they block applications that can harm your phone. Apple has a more stringent system of screening the apps and hence is safer as compared to Android. The concept of Jail Breaking is to be able to download these apps that have been blocked by android or apple. This is sometimes done deliberately by the users to be able to download these apps. However, sometimes even hackers are able to jailbreak your device. They then get the freedom to download anything they want over your phone steal whatever data they wish to. Once a phone is jailbreaked, it is permanently exposed to threats and frauds.
  • 4. Evolving Malwares: As the countermeasures are getting strong, the malwares are also becoming smart and are presently going through a phase of evolution. The attacks on Android are getting difficult to detect now. The malwares have been coded to bypass security. They are smart enough to know if they are running on security software or are running inside the phone. While passing through the security patch, they behave like a normal application program but upon entering the phone main database, they start spreading their tentacles. So, it can be said that these new generation malwares are built to trick, sneak and attack.